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Cause ‘N Effect Volumes I and II are youth-driven audio CDs that combine hip-hop, skits, poetry/spoken word, personal testimonies, street interviews and roundtable discussions about today’s hottest topics related to teen relationships and sexuality. The CDs feature the voices of DC youth ages 12-17, telling their stories and sharing their positive messages about sexual health issues, including prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence and virginity. The CD helps local adolescents and youth navigate the tricky waters of the teen years and helps adult parents/caregivers or service providers generate a healthy dialogue about sex with the young people in their lives.

    Cause ‘N Effect Volume I deals with issues such as:

    • The choices, decisions, consequences and responsibility related to sexual activity;
    • What it’s really like to be a teen parent;
    • What makes a healthy interpersonal or intimate relationship;
    • How abstinence can increase youth self-esteem;
    • Condom use and other safer sex options for sexually-active youth; and
    • How parents/caregivers can effectively communicate with their children about sexual issues (including understanding the “conversation-stoppers.”)
      Cause ‘N Effect Volume II builds on those topics, and adds issues like:

      • Earning and giving respect in teen relationships;
      • Avoiding name-calling and stereotypes;
      • Abstinence as a viable and respected choice for teens;
      • Empowering teens to make healthy decisions for themselves;
      • Saying no to sex when it’s too soon; and How HIV/AIDS and other STDs can change your life forever.

      Cause ‘N Effect Volume I

      Cause ‘N’ Effect Volume II

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