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What was the Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia?

Championed by former Pennsylvania State Representative Dwight Evans (currently a US Congressman) and guided by researcher and author of Murder is No Accident Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith, the Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia initiative was developed with input from lawmakers, law enforcement officials, public health officials and community leaders. The ten-year violence reduction plan was funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It was a comprehensive approach aimed at ending youth violence in the city.

MEE Productions was hired to develop and implement a social marketing campaign to complement the initiative’s unique and innovative approach to reducing urban violence. The campaign elements were designed to reduce violence and youth homicide in the City by increasing awareness among Philadelphia residents, in order to influence attitudes and change community norms surrounding youth violence.

The campaign included positive and engaging messages for both youth and adults. They were disseminated through a variety of traditional and non-traditional communications channels. These included radio advertising on six top local stations, transit advertising on SEPTA buses and subways, a campaign website, peer-to-peer outreach using MEE’s CATs model, workshops for service providers and more than 400 active partnerships with community-based organizations that were recruited through MEE’s Community Network.

MEE also hosted a community forum for over 100 parents, teachers, criminal justice professionals, civic leaders, local teens and youth, representatives of grassroots community-based organizations and leading academics to discuss male involvement as a way to reduce youth violence.

The campaign amassed more than 500 campaign partners citywide that pledged their support including community-based organizations, schools, churches, recreation centers, health clinics and more.

Research Behind the Campaign

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