Radio Ads

The campaign created and placed radio advertisements promoting abstinence, safe sex, the free campaign materials and numerous events for youth, parents and other adults. The commercials ran on urban-format, gospel and Black talk radio stations in the Washington, DC market (WKYS-FM, WPGC-FM, WMMJ-FM, WYCB-AM and WOL-AM). Be On The Safe Side commercials also ran on Spanish-language and Latino-oriented stations that serve the DC area (WILC-AM, WBPS/WBZS-FM, WWDC-FM, WITH-FM and WKDL).

Current Radio Ads

  •     Breaking The Silence
  •     Cause-N-Effect
  •     Parent-Guardian CD Promo
  •     Brothers: None of Us
  •     I've Got Mine (Female POV)
  •     I've Got Mine (Male POV)
  •     Launch Party / (VIP Pass)
  •     Launch Party WKYS
  •     Launch Party WOL
  •     Safe Sex / Free Video
  •     Thunderstorm
  •     Freestyle Forum (Teens)
  •     I've Got Mine (Forum Tag)
  •     Free Style Forum II (Revised)
  •     It Can't Happen to Me
  •     Not Getting the Message
  •     Parent Workshop (Version A)
  •     Parent Workshop (Version B)
  •     Teen Parent Workshop
  •     Don't Panic (Spanish)
  •     I've Got Mine (Spanish)
  •     I've Got Mine (English w/Latino)
  •     Brothers: None of Us (Spanish)
  •     I'm The One (TV/Radio)
  •     New Adult Ad/Combo (TV/Radio)
  •     Audio CD Promo/Songs
  •     Audio CD Promo/Parents
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